Pomini Tenova for Sinosteel E&T in China


Pomini Tenova for Sinosteel E&T in China

Sinosteel E&T and Pomini Tenova in Beijing for the signing ceremony of new roll grinders

Pomini Tenova and Sinosteel E&T (Sinosteel Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.,) have formalized their collaboration with a signing ceremony for an order for new roll grinders, marking a significant milestone in their ongoing partnership. Paolo Gaboardi, Executive Vice President of Pomini Tenova, and Lu Pengcheng, Chairman of Sinosteel E&T, convened in Beijing for the ceremony, where they discussed about cold rolling projects, green low-carbon development, and digital transformation. The ceremony was also attended by Hua Guanglin, Executive Vice General Manager of Sinosteel E&T, Ms. Chen Jinying and relevant people in charge of Steel Making & Rolling Department from Sinosteel E&T, Livio Taccani, Commercial Director of Pomini Tenova and representatives of Tenova Technologies (Beijing branch).

Lu reflected on the long-standing cooperation between Sinosteel E&T and Tenova, providing an overview of Sinosteel E&T's recent production, management, and development initiatives. He emphasized the imperative for enhanced international cooperation amidst global climate challenges and China's "Dual Carbon" goal. Looking ahead, Lu expressed eagerness for continued collaboration with Tenova to leverage their respective strengths, particularly in advanced roll grinding technologies, digital services, and industrial chain integration. Together, the two companies aim to advance green low-carbon initiatives, fostering mutually beneficial outcomes.

Lu Pengcheng
Lu Pengcheng
Chairman, Sinosteel E&T

"Tenova is a valuable partner of Sinosteel E&T, and Mr. Gaboardi is an old friend of mine. 28 years ago, we collaborated to bring Pomini's advanced equipment to China, contributing to the rapid development of China's steel industry. Our friendship with Tenova continues to grow."

Gaboardi highlighted Tenova's role in supplying advanced equipment for Sinosteel E&T's pivotal overseas cold rolling project. This selection not only signifies confidence in Tenova's technological prowess and service excellence but also a deeper alignment between the two entities. Gaboardi introduced Tenova's cutting-edge technologies such as Precision Process Monitoring (PPM) and Continuous Profile Control (CPC), emphasizing their role in enhancing roll surface quality, precision, and productivity. He also highlighted Tenova's digital solutions, which enable continuous remote monitoring, proactive operations, and maintenance support to ensure efficient equipment performance.

Paolo Gaboardi
Paolo Gaboardi
Pomini Tenova Executive Vice President

“Being chosen to provide advanced equipment for Sinosteel E&T's Cold Rolling project for Tosyali Algeria signifies trust in Tenova's technology and services and deepens our partnership.”

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