Pomini Tenova’s Roll Grinder for Hindalco in India


Pomini Tenova’s Roll Grinder for Hindalco in India

The new roll grinder will enhance quality, safety, and cost-efficiency at Hindalco’s Renukoot aluminum plant

Pomini Tenova was awarded a contract by Hindalco Industries Limited, a global leader in aluminum production for a new Roll Grinder for the existing hot and cold rolling mills in the Renukoot aluminum plant in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is designed to grind work rolls, backup, and auxiliary rolls.

The foundation-free roll grinder will feature advanced technologies including the Pomini Digital Surface Analysis (PDSA), the Pomini Process Monitoring (PPM), and the Pomini Inspektor3 for roll structural inspection. Combined with an online measuring caliper, these technologies enable Pomini Tenova’s roll grinder to guarantee the quality of the roll surface.

The PDSA system provides Hindalco's Renukoot plant with a significant advantage by delivering precise roll surface analysis in a shorter scanning time, enhancing safety, and removing the need for operator expertise in roll surface quality inspection. Additionally, the PPM leverages the accelerometers and sensors on the roll grinder to continuously oversee the grinding process, ensuring a consistent quality index. This makes the PPM an unparalleled tool for tracking roll grinder performance, leading to potential savings in energy, grinding wheels, and roll material, thereby lowering the overall cost per roll ground.

Alberto Croce
Alberto Croce
Sales Area Manager, Pomini Tenova

“We are very proud to have been selected by Hindalco as roll grinder supplier for Renukoot’s plant, especially since this order follows our roll grinder at the Lapanga plant, which has just been successfully tested at our premises. These Roll Grinders feature state-of-the-art technology, delivering outstanding performance, exceptional user-friendliness, and an increased level of safety.”

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