State-of-the-Art Roll Grinders for Jindal Stainless


State-of-the-Art Roll Grinders for Jindal Stainless

The Indian stainless steel manufacturer has contracted Pomini for two roll grinders equipped with the most updated technologies.

At the end of September 2022, Pomini Tenova, worldwide producer of roll grinders and fully automated roll shop, signed an important contract in India for Jindal Stainless Limited, confirming its leadership in the country.

The Indian giant for stainless steel production selected Pomini’s CNC Heavy Duty Roll Grinding Machines for its Jajpur facility in Odisha, including Tenova’s innovative technologies to monitor and manage the equipment in a more efficient and performing way.

Inspektorᶾ with Eddy Current and Ultrasound Systems (EC + US) are proven methods of non-destructive testing for surface and sub-surface roll defects, designed to detect smaller defects with higher repeatability and reliability, reduced scan times and increased safety. Moreover, grinding and measurement data are recorded and processed in real time and are available on demand.

The 4.0 digital package – including Tenova Edge, Tenova adVISOR and Condition Monitoring, allows Tenova experts to collect data and monitor the grinders constantly, to support the client remotely and in a timely manner.

The Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) allows viewing, selecting and purchasing spare parts in a simple and intuitive way, following suggestions and indications provided directly by Tenova engineering department.

Luigi Margaglio
Luigi Margaglio
Sales Engineer Pomini Tenova

We are glad to further strengthen our partnership with Jindal Stainless Limited, a key player in the industry. Following the previous supply of three roll grinders for the same plant, this new order certifies the reliability of Pomini products’ quality and performances.

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