Pomini for Nucor Steel Brandenburg, USA


Pomini for Nucor Steel Brandenburg, USA

Tenova received an order for two heavy-duty combination roll grinding machines with digital advanced solutions from Nucor Steel Brandenburg, KY, USA.

Nucor Corporation, through its Nucor Steel Brandenburg division, awarded Pomini a contract for two heavy-duty combination roll grinding machines for its green field project for a new plate mill plant in Brandenburg, Kentucky, USA.

The new roll grinders will continuously supply ground rolls to the new Nucor plate mill complex, which is expected to start up its operations in late 2022. The two heavy-duty combination roll grinding machines will be designed for grinding roughing and finishing stand work rolls with or without chocks and backup rolls of both stands without chocks. The roll grinders will also be equipped with an automatic caliper for measuring in cycle roll alignment, profile, roundness and eccentricity. Additionally, the Pomini Tenova Inspektor3 will be integrated for on-line inspection of roll surface and subsurface with the aim to detect the presence of cracks and bruises with eddy currents and ultrasonic waves.

Moreover, the roll grinders will be equipped with Tenova EDGE, an Industrial IoT Edge gateway, which collects process variables and data, providing the latest Industry 4.0 developments, such as machine Condition Monitoring and Pomini Process Monitoring.

“We are glad that Nucor Steel Brandenburg recognized Pomini as a reliable partner and appreciated our approach centered around listening to customer’s specific needs, responding with optimized solutions, and creating a partnership with the customer. This project will add a valuable reference in the field of roll grinding for plate mills, both for the importance of the customer and for further expanding our presence in the region”

Alfredo Brambilla
Alfredo Brambilla
Vice President Sales Pomini for Tenova Inc.

In the mid-nineties, Pomini Tenova had already installed three heavy duty grinders that are still successfully operating in the CSP plant located at the Nucor Steel Gallatin LLC sheet mill in Kentucky, about 100 miles from the new complex in Brandenburg. These three roll grinders will be upgraded this year with a state-of-the-art Pomini automation and operation software, and the addition of a fourth grinder and the modernization of the automatic roll loader crane will increase the roll shop production capacity, witnessing the trust Nucor has in these solutions.

The modernized Nucor Steel Gallatin facility and the new roll grinders at Nucor Steel Brandenburg will establish an important pole of operation of Pomini equipment, allowing both users an easy exchange of best practices and benefit in terms of efficiency in technical services.

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