Safety Day 2021: Covid Vaccines Webinar


Safety Day 2021: Covid Vaccines Webinar

Today, Tenova organized the local initiative "Vaccines: knowing them at 360 degrees", a webinar to address a topic of great relevance nowadays.

In occasion of the international initiative World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Tenova plans its own Safety Day campaign at local level, to remind of the importance of safety at work and raise awareness of this issue that is so central to people’s lives.

This year, thanks to the support of the Humanitas Group, a major Italian healthcare operator managed by the Techint Group (to whom Tenova belongs), the company organized an online event dedicated to Italian employees. The webinar focused on the Covid vaccines theme: Dr. Maria Rescigno, Immunologist, Professor and Pro Rector Vicar of Humanitas University, Group Leader at Humanitas Research Hospital, held a presentation on the subject and answered the occurring questions, doubts and curiosities.

“Like every year, we celebrate the Tenova Safety Day to remind all of us that every single day must have safety as priority, in our professional and personal routines. For 2021, our goal was to provide a more comprehensive overview, at 360 degrees, of the various types of vaccines available, by focusing on the scientific and ethical standpoints. I would like to thank Dr. Rescigno for her precious presence and the interesting insights she shared with us”

Matteo Colombo
Matteo Colombo
Tenova QHSE Manager

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