New Roll Grinder in Vietnam by Pomini Tenova


New Roll Grinder in Vietnam by Pomini Tenova

Pomini Tenova Completed the Installation of its Eighteenth Roll Grinder in Vietnam.

In April 2020, Pomini Tenova completed the installation of three roll grinders for Hoa Phat Group, one of the largest manufacturers of construction steels, coated steels and steel pipes in VietnamWith this commissioning, the number of machines supplied and successfully commissioned in Vietnam by Pomini Tenova for different customers reaches the considerable amount of eighteen.

These three machines – delivered for Hoa Phat’s new hot rolling mill located in Quảng Ngãi Province, Vietnam – add to the two innovative foundation-free roll grinders for the cold rolling mill in Lạc Đạo, Hưng Yên Province, of the same Vietnamese company.

“The choice of our technology for Hoa Phat’s new productive site confirms the good quality of the relationship that we have been able to establish with the Hoa Phat Group over the years, making Pomini a reliable partner. We are particularly satisfied with this project as, in its latest phase, we encountered several challenges due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 emergency. Nevertheless, we completed it successfully”.

Ermanno Croci
Ermanno Croci
Pomini Tenova Area Sales Manager and Revamping

This delivery confirms the rising dynamism of the South-Eastern Asian country in the steel sector since the beginning of this century. Tenova, with its innovative and sustainable engineering technologies, is a key partner to enable its customers to grow in a very competitive market like the Asian one.

“The Vietnamese market is increasingly looking for high technology in order to satisfy the market demand of quality products, and the local presence of Tenova in the country was paramount to acquire such projects and understand customers’ requirements. Besides the five machines in HoaPhat, Pomini Tenova successfully commissioned one roll grinder in Pomina, two in Hoa Sen, four in Posco Vietnam and six in China Steel Sumikin in the past years”.

Tran Anh Chuong and Stefano Marelli
Tran Anh Chuong and Stefano Marelli
Tenova Global Sales South East Asia

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