Tenova Takes a Stand against Violence


Tenova Takes a Stand against Violence

Stopping gender-based abuse is a shared responsibility: on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the company lays the focus on the aware and active role of bystanders.

On November 25, the global community celebrates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women established by the United Nations to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls around the world, calling for action to increase awareness, promote advocacy and create opportunities for discussion on challenges and solutions.

In 2021, Tenova promoted an internal campaign asking employees to wear something red to personally join the call and show solidarity to victims. This year, the CEO, Roberto Pancaldi, invites all employees to contribute to a healthier and more respectful society by becoming aware and active bystanders if witnessing an abuse that may occur, especially outside the working environment.

With the motto Stand up, Don’t Stand by, anyone is encouraged to support victims of any form of violence through concrete actions, by following the 5 D ’s – Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay, and Direct. These are five different methods that can be used to intervene and demonstrate to people that they have the power to make their community safer without putting themselves at risk. Therefore, the company will distribute to employees a 5D’s guide and bookmark to discover what each D stands for.

Federico Metzger
Federico Metzger
Chief HR Officer

“When we launched the November 25 campaign last year, we were amazed by the warm participation of our employees from all over the globe, showing their sensitivity for this important topic. We are aware that this kind of initiatives are precious because emotional and physical abuse is subtle and difficult to handle. This is why we want to reinforce our commitment, with special attention to empowering women to act and react to harassment, supporting them through a series of initiatives that will be promoted in the next months.”

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