Environmental Impact: New Milestone for PDT™


Environmental Impact: New Milestone for PDT™

Tenova has taken a further step to reinforce its commitment to a more sustainable industry: Pomini Tenova defined the Product Category Rules (PCR) to standardize the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of metal finishing machines1.

In 2021, the Pomini Digital Texturing™ (PDT™) system – an innovative technology for roll texturing – received the EPD® certification (Environmental Product Declarations), as positive result of the auditing for its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis – the first study of this kind in the sector of metal finishing machines.

Subsequently, thanks to the experience gained through the LCA activity, the company led the definition of the PCR – the rules, requirements, and guidelines to develop a high-quality EPD for a specific product category, ensuring that functionally similar products are assessed and compared in the same way when conducting the LCA2.

Paolo Gaboardi
Paolo Gaboardi
Tenova Executive Vice President

The PDT™ is a disruptive technology in terms of innovation and environmental sustainability, unique in our sector. Therefore, we wanted to substantiate its advantages through the most stringent analysis and certification of environmental impact. This approach was very much appreciated by the numerous customers who have chosen our technology, and we are now extending this experience to other products, focusing especially on the so-called downstream phase – i.e. measuring the impact deriving from the use of the machines over the years at customer’s sites. This is in line with Tenova’s approach to sustainability, aiming at designing a greener, more efficient future for the industry.

The PCR for Product Category Classification UN CPC 44211 are published and available for consultation at this link. The EPD compliant with the defined standard is accessible at this link.

1 - Machine-tools for working materials by removal of material, by laser or similar processes; product category classification: UN CPC 44211.

2 - For more information visit https://www.environdec.com/product-category-rules-pcr/the-pcr

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Petar Rokic
Petar Rokic
Sales Area Manager, Pomini Tenova

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