Roll Grinding Machine for US Aluminum Market


Roll Grinding Machine for US Aluminum Market

JW Aluminium chose Pomini Tenova for the expansion of its plant in South Carolina (USA).

Pomini Tenova has been contracted by JW Aluminum to supply a roll grinding machine for work rolls and back-up rolls, a chock changer for work rolls and back-up rolls and a chock tilter for its expansion plant at Goose Creek, South Carolina (USA).

Within its aim to increase its production in South Carolina plant with the installation of proven, state-of-the-art equipment utilizing green technology, JW Aluminum chose Pomini – the Tenova brand leader in production of roll grinders – for its references in aluminum applications, worldwide and in the USA.

Pomini Tenova equipment will be installed within the end of 2019 to support the launch of the new equipment, foreseen in early 2020. Moreover, the roll grinder will also be used on rolls from other, existing rolling mills on the same site.

This order is of particular significance because of the importance of the customer and the demands of aluminum applications. Additionally, there are several upcoming projects in aluminum industry in North America and, with this award, Pomini Tenova is sending an umpteenth signal of strength and competence.

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