Tenova Flexible Modular Furnace Nominated as one of the 2017 Most Innovative Technologies in the Steel Industry


Tenova Flexible Modular Furnace Nominated as one of the 2017 Most Innovative Technologies in the Steel Industry

The World Steel Association nominated the project realized by Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. through Tenova technology as innovation of the year.

Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. (JSPL), an Indian company of the Jindal Group, was nominated at the 2017 Steelie Award – organized by World Steel Association – for the innovation of the year thanks to the performances of Tenova Flexible Modular Furnace (FMF®), installed at Raigarh Steel Plant.

The project, commissioned on August 31st 2016, consisted in the conversion of the existing Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) into Neo Electric Oxy Furnace (NEOF), based on Tenova FMF® technology. Thanks to efficient planning and collaborative teamwork, the project successfully completed in a short span of six months from its start.

We congratulate JSPL for this nomination and thank the company for investing in our innovative technology. We are proud to be part of this accomplishment

Silvio Reali
Silvio Reali
Tenova Senior Vice President

Tenova FMF® is a modular concept of smelting furnace that can be developed from core equipment called base module with specific add-ons and has the flexibility of converting various charge mix of raw material (scrap, DRI, liquid hot metal, Pig Iron, etc.). Full range of metallic charges can thus be smelted with capital costs reduced at the minimum level.

The adoption of Tenova FMF® enabled JSPL to gain a saving in the conversion cost of steel and ultimately to reduce steelmaking costs substantially. The year’s saving is estimated in 15-20 million USD – achieving ROI in less than four months. Additionally, the furnace can increase productivity dramatically, reaching a production peak of 42 heats in a day with 89,5% - 90% yield, using cold DRI in the charge mix.

Flexibility is another main advantage of this solution. Each module is designed with specific features in order to fit the requirements of the charge mix.In its final configuration, the FMF® can be transformed into a fully featured Consteel® EAF with continuous scrap feeding and preheating.

FMF® technology is targeted to steelmakers that currently use a significant amount of hot metal in their charge mix yet ready to move or return to scrap / DRI / Pig Iron based steelmaking. It is also suitable for those that are looking for a transition from Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) to EAF based steelmaking and for those EAF steel shops that want to increase the hot metal percentage in their charge.

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