DRI Technology at Emirates Steel


DRI Technology at Emirates Steel

Emirates Steel’s new record in DRI production proves the reliability of Energiron innovative Direct Reduction Technology

During the last twelve months, Emirates Steel DRP #2 has set new production and availability records of more than 2,000,000 tons of high quality DRI, operating for more than 8,400 hours (equal to 105% net availability) and for 315 days continuously without any stoppage, confirming the reliability of Energiron – the technology jointly developed by Tenova HYL and Danieli & C.

Emirates Steel is located in Abu Dhabi, where there are two twin Energiron DRI plants, originally designed for a nominal capacity of 1.6 Mtpy of hot and cold DRI at 94% metallization and 2.5% carbon. The first plant was started-up in 2009, while the second one in 2011.

Both plants followed a smooth learning curve that resulted in 90% availability in the first three years for Plant #1 and 95% availability in only two years for Plant #2. In 2014 both DRPs were upgraded from 1.6 to 2.0 Mtpy, reaching 100% stable production in only six months.

Since then Emirates Steel is steadily operating, the Energiron plants function at their increased nominal capacity (2.0 Mtpy), producing high-quality hot DRI conveyed to the adjacent EAFs through the Hytemp pneumatic transport system, thus optimizing the downstream steelmaking process. The Energiron Team congratulates Emirates Steel on this remarkable achievement.

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