Tenova iEAF® Technology in Revda, Russia


Tenova iEAF® Technology in Revda, Russia

NLMK Ural chose Tenova’s Industry 4.0 technology system, iEAF® (Intelligent Electric Arc Furnace) for its plant in Revda, Russia.

Tenova was recently awarded a contract for Tenova’s Industry 4.0 technology system, iEAF® (Intelligent Electric Arc Furnace) by NLMK Ural, the core company within NLMK Long Products Division controlled by NLMK Long, for its plant in Revda, Russia.

The iEAF®, which will be installed on the existing EAF at the NLMK plant, is an advanced modular technology for dynamic optimization of the melting process based on real time data, advanced process models and algorithms. This breakthrough technology enhances EAF melting efficiency, reduces consumption and operative costs as well as carbon footprint.

“Our discussion with NLMK was focused on offering economic and technological advantages and Tenova’s iEAF® was recognized as the best solution to reduce production cost and to enhance the performance of the existing EAF”.

Davide Masoero
Davide Masoero
Area Manager Europe – Melt Shops

In addition, Tenova iEAF® technology has been successfully installed at 24 plant locations across seven countries, spanning over four continents.  This contract represents a new milestone, opening up new market scenarios for this leading Industry 4.0 technology in Russia, signifying once again the reliability of Tenova’s technologies and its commitment to bring value added solutions to the Russian steel market.

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