New Walking Beam Furnace for JUSL, India


New Walking Beam Furnace for JUSL, India

Tenova will supply a Walking Beam Furnace to Jindal United Steel Limited (JUSL), guaranteeing maximum efficiency, high performances and ease of maintenance.

Tenova Italimpianti, the leading technologies and equipment supplier for the world of industrial furnaces, recently received a contract for a new Walking Beam Furnace (WBF) of 340 t/h for Jindal United Steel Limited (JUSL), a company specialized in hot rolling and cold rolling of a wide set of stainless steels, in Jajpur, Odisha, India.

The furnace has been designed to charge the stainless steel product (grade series 200, 300 and 400) as well as the carbon and low carbon steel, austenitic and ferrite families, in order to comply with JUSL various production needs.

This furnace achieves optimum thermal quality of products, with maximum efficiencyhigh performances in all running conditions and ease of maintenance. Moreover, it can be fired with several gases allowing the furnace to be ready for future feeding.

The installed combustion system is designed in order to optimize performances (flame characteristics, efficiency and pollutant emissions) in function of the fuel and burner location (frontal, lateral or radiant application). The multi-level automation control system optimizes heating practices, regulating fuel consumption and scale production.

I am particularly proud for this order because it confirms how Tenova can always comply with the request of the client we designed a very flexible WBF and the digital and high technological features of this equipment are granting also the easiness and the reliability of maintenance and operation”.

Alberto Nicolini
Alberto Nicolini
Sales & Marketing Manager at Tenova Italimpianti & Strip Processing.

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