Tenova LOI Thermprocess’ ACL for Ansteel Group


Tenova LOI Thermprocess’ ACL for Ansteel Group

Tenova LOI Thermprocess and Ansteel Group signing ceremony for a new Annealing and Coating Line (ACL)

Tenova LOI Thermprocess and Ansteel Group, a leader in steel production, came together at the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) on November 6 for the signing of a contract for a cutting-edge Annealing and Coating Line (ACL), marking a significant milestone in their longstanding collaboration. The ceremony was hosted at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai and organized by Ansteel. Tenova LOI is set to supply the core component, an advanced annealing furnace, for the ACL.

The supply is integral to Ansteel Group's innovative steel project, which is geared towards the production of electrical steel for electric vehicles (EVs) and will make it the first production line of its kind in Northeast China. The standout feature is the annealing furnace equipment, which merges essential imported components and furnace automation control from Tenova LOI Thermprocess, Germany, along with local contributions from Tenova Technologies (Tianjin), China.


Christian Schrade
Christian Schrade
Managing Director, Tenova LOI Thermprocess

“It was a great honour for us to participate in the ceremony of Ansteel signature events in Shanghai, which underlines our longstanding collaboration with Ansteel. We are proud to take part in green steel initiatives such as these and help propel forward the green energy transition.”

Tenova LOI Thermprocess' ACL for non-grain oriented (NGO) electrical steel strips is engineered to handle high annealing temperatures, elevated H2 content in the process gas, and high strip processing speed. In addition, advanced cooling systems ensure low cooling rates and homogeneous cooling effects across the steel strip width, which are critical for high grade NGO electrical steel strip, particularly for electric vehicles.

Innovative process gas separation technology allows the furnace sections to operate with varied process gas combinations. Tenova LOI Thermprocess mathematical models are integrated in the furnace control PLC to fulfil the demanding requirements for strip annealing accuracy and stability.

Once this complex project is finalised, the new production line will be able to meet Ansteel's demand for premium electrical steel, crucial for EV manufacturing, positioning Ansteel as a global player in sustainable steel production and fostering a green path toward industrialization.

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