Tenova’s SafeForPorts set to transform Port Operations


Tenova’s SafeForPorts set to transform Port Operations

This pioneering initiative will leverage VR and AI to revolutionize port operations prioritizing safety in port environments

Tenova has won a call for proposals issued by the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) under the banner of RAISE (Robotics and AI for Socio-economic Empowerment). SafeForPorts is a new project focused on implementing key Industry 4.0 technologies to create smart and sustainable ports. It aims to revolutionize machine operators safety and enhance port operations efficiency through an innovative solution that combines training and assisted maintenance to address crucial needs in port areas.

SafeForPorts aims to develop a comprehensive solution for remote training of operators and on-field assistance for operating and maintaining bucket ship unloaders, a rail-mounted mobile unit typically installed on port docks. Operators will access the VR simulator through headsets, while remote assistance will be improved using Computer Vision algorithms to process structured photographic material.

Developed in Tenova's virtual laboratory in Genoa, the VR prototype will include a workstation-cabin with handheld controls to simulate the machine's 3D operational environment. This system will enhance the laboratory model by integrating interactive elements and refining operational logic for full virtual operational capability.

This integrated approach will enable operators to systematically perform maintenance workflows while using hands-free head-mounted wearable devices. These workflows include capturing critical images and providing inputs for algorithms to generate reports on system degradation. Additionally, Tenova envisions the possibility of creating a Digital Twin to manage cargo hold procedures on the ship during unmanned operation.

Aligned with the objectives of the RAISE initiative, SafeForPorts contributes to the implementation of robotics and AI systems for managing port traffic, thereby advancing intelligent solutions in the maritime industry. This project, developed in partnership with technology providers Prosoft Intesys and InformAmuse, is implemented under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Mission 4 funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU, highlighting its significance in driving innovation and safety within the maritime sector.


Silvio Leoni
Silvio Leoni
Tenova Executive Vice-President Material Handling

"SafeForPorts holds strategic significance for Tenova, not just in terms of business but also for actively contributing to the development of new technologies and the design of increasingly intelligent, optimized processes for smart and sustainable ports. This project testifies our commitment to prioritizing and enhancing a core value at Tenova: safety. As we embark on this initiative, we recognize it as a catalyst for innovation and a cornerstone toward shaping the future with new possibilities and perspectives."

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