Tenova with De Nora and Snam for green hydrogen in steel production


Tenova with De Nora and Snam for green hydrogen in steel production

The company leads first use of innovative electrolyzer at the HQ within a Horizon Europe project

Tenova is a partner of the HyTecHeat project (Hybrid Technologies for sustainable steel reheating), alongside De Nora, Snam, and other European steel producers and RTOs. This Horizon Europe program, funded by the European Union (EU) with a budget of €3.3 million, aims to validate hybrid heating technologies for steel reheating based on natural gas with a progressive increase of hydrogen up to 100% in downstream processing. The project includes three Demo cases testing multifuel burners to facilitate the steel sector's hydrogen transition, reducing CO2 emissions by 7.5-25Mt/year at the EU level.

Tenova's involvement includes a Demo case focused on integrating hydrogen-ready burners, electrolyzers, and storage systems. The company will install an electrolyzer at the Castellanza headquarters in Italy testing its industrial burner in an industrial-scale plant with up to 100% hydrogen, assessing benefits and potential risks. Snam will handle the hydrogen storage system, while De Nora will provide the Dragonfly® electrolyzer, a latest-generation system used for the first time in a European project.

Comprehensive testing will cover the entire production chain, from green energy production to hydrogen generation and storage, setting standards for seamlessly integrating industrial furnaces with on-site electrolyzers, including process control and safety measures.

Roberto Pancaldi
Roberto Pancaldi
Tenova CEO

“It’s essential for Tenova to collaborate with its partners on a shared goal of decarbonization. This project encompasses our efforts to develop an industrial-scale system that integrates hydrogen production from renewable sources, its storage, and usage in thermal combustion processes. This collaboration will bring advantages to all our customers who will join us in this journey while contributing to a cleaner and more efficient steel industry.”

Paolo Dellachà
Paolo Dellachà
De Nora CEO

“We are proud to announce our participation as a partner in this project, which will represent the first use case of the new Dragonfly® electrolyzer, a versatile, high-quality product that will make our role as facilitators of the energy transition even easier. The market launch of this solution is a tangible result of our significant investments in R&D, which is key to maintaining our position as a company at the forefront of the sectors we oversee”.

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