ENERGIRON® for LKAB’s plant in northern Sweden


ENERGIRON® for LKAB’s plant in northern Sweden

Steelmaking using hydrogen enables a fossil-free value chain from mining operations to final steel product

LKAB, an international mining and minerals group that offers sustainable iron ore, minerals, and special products, has selected the ENERGIRON® technology, jointly developed by Tenova and Danieli, for the basic engineering of its 100% hydrogen-based Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plant in Gällivare, Sweden. This contract marks a significant milestone in the technology's application, following its successful use in the full-hydrogen pilot plant in Luleå, Sweden, operated by HYBRIT Development AB, a joint venture involving LKAB, SSAB, and Vattenfall.

With a capacity of 1.35 million Mtpy of fossil-free DRI, the Gällivare demonstration plant will integrate both HYBRIT and ENERGIRON® technologies, leveraging collective expertise in DRI production. Results from the HYBRIT pilot plant have demonstrated the superiority of DRI produced using pure hydrogen as a reducing agent over fossil-based alternatives like natural gas.

A noteworthy feature of the new plant is its electric process heater, a groundbreaking innovation in industrial DRI plants, which will heat the process gas powered by green electric power. This heater will eliminate carbon emissions entirely, significantly enhancing overall energy efficiency. The fossil-free DRI produced will serve as a crucial input for SSAB's production of fossil-free steel.


Stefano Maggiolino
Stefano Maggiolino
Tenova HYL President & CEO

“We’re excited to continue our sustainability journey with LKAB in the making of the very first industrial DRI plant that, thanks to our innovative ENERGIRON® technology, will produce fossil-free steel using an electric process gas heater. With our tireless push for innovation, hydrogen-based iron ore reduction at zero emissions has already become an industrial reality.”

While the current contract primarily covers basic engineering services, further progress including equipment supply and construction is contingent upon securing environmental permits and a Final Investment Decision (FID).

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