Put yourself in my (red) shoes


Put yourself in my (red) shoes

Tenova joins the international campaign to end violence against women and girls  

This November 25, Tenova is proud to join the global community and commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Despite it being one of the most widespread and systematic human rights violations in the world, violence against women and girls (VAWG) goes largely unreported due to the impunity, silence, stigma and shame surrounding it. One in three women have been subjected to violence at least once in their lifetime – chances are you know someone who has experienced one of the many forms of gender-based violence. Celebrating November 25 symbolizes a commitment to raise awareness, promote advocacy and call for more investments in gender-based violence prevention. 

This year, under the slogan “Put yourself in my (red) shoes”, Tenova’s internal campaign to end VAWG has been inspired by artist Elina Chauvet’s 2009 poignant public art installation “Los Zapatos Rojos” (Red Shoes) which featured hundreds of red shoes symbolizing the victims of gender-based violence. Employees were encouraged to make their own red shoe origami or cut out as a small but personal gesture of solidarity.

Additionally, over the course of the week, employees had the opportunity to learn about the different ways to act to end violence against women and girls.


Roberto Pancaldi
Roberto Pancaldi
Tenova CEO

At a critical time when women’s rights are being attacked, I urge you to join me and raise your voices for women’s equality, dignity, and human rights. The only way to achieve an equal world for all, men too must question power dynamics in our actions and words.

In a company like Tenova, where over 80% of our staff are men, we must take responsibility for change and become women’s allies. This includes ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all our employees, fostering a culture of inclusiveness rooted in respect and equality – one which will invariably make our world more stable, peaceful, and resilient.

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