New Tinplate Coating Line for Tata Steel


New Tinplate Coating Line for Tata Steel

Tata Steel subsidiary Tinplate Company of India Ltd. contracts Tenova for a new Tinplate Coating Line and Tinplate Double Reduction Mill

Tenova has secured a new order from the Tinplate Company of India, a subsidiary of Tata Steel, which includes the installation of a Tinplate Coating Line (TCL) and a Tinplate Double Reduction Mill (TDRM) at the new Tinplate Complex located in the Jamshedpur plant, Jharkhand, India.

The TCL features an independent pre-tinning section utilizing sulfuric acid for iron control in the electrolyte solution. It also incorporates an advanced tinplate coating control closed loop to ensure optimal coating strip quality and stability. The use of IGBT AFE rectifier technology not only guarantees the highest efficiency in tinplate coating but also enables the lowest electrical consumption for the entire line. The line boasts the fastest tinplate coating process speed, thanks to the cut-to-edge tinplate coating design, allowing for maximum production capability.

The TDRM plays a crucial role in achieving a balance between an ultra-light strip gauge and the required hardness. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, including high-performance Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) cylinders, an Automatic Flatness Control (AFC) system, a Roughness Control System, and a dedicated Reduction Control for Double Reduced (DR) tin plate, this mill ensures top-notch performance in the production process.


Giuseppe Zanzi
Giuseppe Zanzi
Tenova Chief Representative Officer, Southeast Asia and Oceania

“We are very proud to have been selected as the main technological partner for Tata Group tinplate expansion. Thanks to our solutions, Tata will be able to achieve a sustainable production based on low electrical consumption and very large production capacity. In a short time span, this is already the third Tinplate Coating Line and Tinplate Double Reduction Mill project awarded to Tenova, following contracts with JSW Steel, India and Tosyali Toyo, Turkey. The successful combination of these two Tenova technologies underlines our notable experience, with more than 30 installations worldwide, as well as our reliability in the field of the tinplate coating process.”

Amitabh Nandi
Amitabh Nandi
Managing Director, Tenova Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"This order testifies the trust Tata Steel has placed in us. As the Managing Director of Tenova India, it's truly satisfying to witness our achievement align with our vision of forging a more sustainable future for the steel industry.”

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