Tenova for Ternium in Pesquería


Tenova for Ternium in Pesquería

The plant will use Tenova’s latest technologies to comply with the company’s 2030 decarbonization commitment

On Friday, October 13, Tenova signed an important contract with leading Latin American steel manufacturer Ternium for its new state-of-the-art steel mill in Pesquería, Mexico, which will make it the most modern facility on the continent. 

During the signing ceremony, Stefano Maggiolino, Tenova HYL’s President & CEO, donated a historic document from Tenova’s archives to Máximo Vedoya, Ternium’s CEO – the 1957 certificate, signed by then Mexican president Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, when he personally inaugurated the construction of the world's first direct reduction plant, at the San Nicolás facility in Monterrey, Mexico. This pioneering plant holds a symbolic place in our industry's history and marks our continued commitment to innovation, sustainability as well as our long-standing relationship with Mexico itself.

The current project will integrate Ternium’s downstream operations into its Pesquería facility in Mexico by employing our latest technology to advance Ternium’s 2030 decarbonization commitment. The construction of the new plant is part of a series of investments Ternium has been making which total 2.2 billion USD.

Tenova’s scope of work includes a Direct Reduction (DR) plant with integrated Material Handling System (MH) complete with Stockyard/Train Unloading Equipment, an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) equipped with Consteel® and Electromagnetic Stirrer Consteerrer®, two ladle furnaces (LF), and a fume treatment plant that guarantees a total production capacity of 2.6 million tons of high-quality steel for the automotive sector.

Our MH system will deliver the required iron ore to the DR plant and will also manage DRI production storage and handling while prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility, including specialized dedusting equipment to minimize pollution and reduce environmental impact.

The DR plant is based on the innovative ENERGIRON® Direct Reduction technology we developed jointly with Danieli. It directly supplies the Consteel® EAF with hot DRI thanks to the reliable Hytemp® pneumatic transport system, ensuring exceptional energy efficiency throughout the entire process. The main feature of the plant is also its charging flexibility, which allows the EAF to receive scrap in variable percentage in addition to hot DRI.

Additionally, the DR plant is equipped with carbon capture technology and is prepared for use of hydrogen. This makes it the most sustainable steelmaking solution currently accessible on the market.

The EAF features the cutting-edge Consteerrer® electromagnetic stirring system, a result of our exclusive global partnership with ABB. This advanced system not only reduces operating expenses but also ensures safer and more reliable operations, while delivering top-quality steel crucial for electric mobility development. To detect and prevent leaks and damages, our Safe+ technology is integrated into the EAF's water cooling circuits.


Paolo Argenta
Paolo Argenta
Tenova Executive Vice-President Upstream

"This remarkable achievement is the result of the recent successful cooperation between our respective Business Units."


Silvio Leoni
Silvio Leoni
Tenova Executive Vice-President Material Handling

“Our collaboration stands as a testament to Tenova's commitment to innovation and excellence. By working closely together, we ensure that our company remains at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling us to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients.”

Roberto Pancaldi
Roberto Pancaldi
Tenova CEO

“We are delighted to be part of Ternium’s largest investment plan to date and to accelerate its path towards decarbonization. We share with the company the same ambition to create and blaze new trails for green steelmaking. This project offers the ideal environment for a proficient collaboration in which to combine some of our most sustainable technologies within the most modern facility on the continent.”

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