Summit and official opening of TenovaLAB


Summit and official opening of TenovaLAB

Tenova’s Sustainable Heating Technologies Summit was an opportunity to delve into and share Energy Transition Solutions in Hot Rolling and Heat Treatment Furnaces

Last week, Tenova hosted its first Sustainable Heating Technologies Summit and officially unveiled TenovaLAB, an innovative testing facility for the development of combustion systems. The event saw an overall attendance of over 100 participants, bringing together around 40 companies from 14 countries including Germany, India, and Japan, reinforcing Tenova’s position as a global leader in green solutions for the metals industry.

The Summit was a special event dedicated to energy transition solutions in hot rolling and heat treatment furnaces. It brought together top Tenova experts and leaders from the fields of environmental technologies, research, data science, hydrogen, and business development to delve into some of the most critical issues in the decarbonization of steel. One of the main goals of the summit was to also share insights into how to manage new investments and technologies to facilitate the green energy transition.

The conference was divided into three main parts: Tenova’s vision for the energy transition of the Steel Industry, which looked at the stepwise approach to the decarbonization of heating processes; Industrial Applications for Improved Efficiency, which outlined how different technologies can contribute to energy savings; and The TenovaLAB Journey, which focused on its automation, digital and combustion innovations.

This last segment also marked the official opening of TenovaLAB, an innovative testing facility for the development of highly efficient and low-emission combustion systems. TenovaLAB aims to reproduce the same operating conditions of reheating and heat treatment furnaces, while integrating automation and digital technologies to the combustion system with the goal of reducing CO2, gas consumption and NOx emissions. Experts led visitors on guided tours, where they had a chance to see the technology in action with a live demo, as well as to explore a dedicated exhibition area.


Roberto Pancaldi
Roberto Pancaldi
Tenova CEO

The Summit was a huge success, and we are immensely proud of what was achieved, in particular with our innovative research facility TenovaLAB. The Summit also underlined our strength not only as a company but also as part of the larger Techint Group, producing more than 15 million tons of steel per year. This is also why I am pleased to say we are so far ahead on the road to decarbonizing the steel industry, which is essential to reach net-zero.

Antonio Catalano
Antonio Catalano
EVP, Downstream Business Unit

It was such a pleasure to see how well-attended our first Sustainable Heating Technologies Summit was and the lively debate it generated. The official opening of TenovaLAB was a resounding success and really brought home just how crucial such a research facility is. Our intent to adopt a holistic approach to combine customers’ expertise, Tenova’s thermal competence, key partner solutions and specific assets at a single event certainly paid off.

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